Yogayama Application

Ahimsa Yogāyāma

Teacher Training & Personal Practice Development Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the Yogāyāma Program!

Please proceed with the application process only if you have a genuine and serious interest in committing to the program. Enrollment is limited, so we would like to ensure that those spots are given to students and teachers who are passionate about the opportunity to deepen their studies through the Yogāyāma program.

Response for the program has been very positive, so it is expected that all spots will be filled. Please do not delay in submitting your responses. The first 25 suitable applicants will be accepted for the Toronto program, the first 20 for the Whitby program, after which, all applications will be regrettably denied. :(

Spaces for part-time participants (1st or 2nd module only) will be dependant on availability once full-time participants have registered.

A $500 deposit payment will be due upon acceptance to the program, with the balance will be due on October 1st.
Individuals with special circumstances or requiring payment plans must arrange this with J-P prior to acceptance.
There is no application fee to apply.

Please take the time to consider these questions before answering.

Once completed, please forward your answers and a recent photo to .

1) Why do you Love Yoga? (& if you don’t Love Yoga, please outline your reason for interest in participating in this program?)

2) Are you interested in applying for the Whitby program or the Toronto program?

3) Who have your primary teachers been? and what is it about those teachers that inspires you the most?

4) How did you hear about our YTT program?  (If any of our past graduates referred you, please let us know!  We want to be sure to send them our thanks. 😊)

5) Describe your degree of interest in teaching. (not interested / passionately pursuing a career teaching yoga / already teaching / somewhat curious about the possibility of teaching) Please include a short description of “why”.

6) Do you have existing skills or training which will help you as a yoga teacher?

7) Do you remember your most exciting moment or breakthrough in your yoga practice?

8) Can you identify your greatest existing challenge with the practice of yoga?

9) How does “spirituality” manifest in your life at present?

10) Are you prepared to work hard, study hard, actively participate, face your fears, engage with others, challenge your boundaries, leave your comfort zone, listen with an open mind, and commit to the process of opening your heart and realizing your true greatness? (please take a moment to seriously consider this question before answering.)

Peace & Love,