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Elegant Adjustments: Aligning with Energy and Anatomy

with J-P Tamblyn-Sabo

Elegant Adjustments: Aligning with Energy and Anatomy
All Levels, Teacher Training

J-P Tamblyn-Sabo – TH1JPT

The art of excellent adjustments can be one of the most powerful skills in a yoga teacher’s skillset. In a culture where touching other people can have so much meaning and impact, knowing how to touch others mindfully can mean the difference between making someone’s day, and making someone extremely uncomfortable. In exploring this potent, engaging, and fun aspect of teaching, we will address how to make adjustments with care and sensitivity; how to use adjusting to help people to connect to the movement of energy in their yoga practice; and how to use principles of anatomy to make intelligent adjustments that help the body move, stabilize, and open in a way that aligns with the beautiful blueprint of the body’s elegant and magnificent design.


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (6 HRS)