Goddess Essence Journey


Goddess Essence …Is a SoulBody journey designed to awaken and unleash the Divine Feminine within every women. Each session in the journey is a unique exploration that will deepen a woman’s connection to Her body, Her Soul and Her Goddess Essence. Through Yoga, Meditation, Feminine Movement, Soulful Pole Movement, Dance, Creative Expression, Shadow-Work, Soul Ignition and Sacrad Sister Connection, together we will rise into living a life from our truest Feminine Power, Love.

Goddess Essence Journey 

Session 1 ~ Body Love
Session 2 ~ Warrior Goddess
Session 3 ~ Emotional Empress
Session 4 ~ Primal Sexuality 
Session 5 ~ SoulBody Truth

Session 1 BODY LOVE ~ 

This session is designed for any woman that is desiring a deeper, more loving and truthful connection to her body, including Goddess Flow beginners. This stage of the journey will include Yin yoga, meditation, Goddess Flow, Soulful Pole, Shadow-Work, Dance, Creative expression and Soul-Sister Connection. This session requires devotion to yourself, the process as well as all that will unfold in your life.


Spring Session 

Body Love ~  Monday nights at 8:15pm ~ FULL 

Body Love ~ Wednesday nights at 8:15pm ~ FULL