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Tessy Sagan Yogi

About Tessy

  1. Why do I love yoga? Yoga leads me to myself….mind, body and soul….and it feels so good!
  2. My breakthrough moment was when I chose to go to a yoga class after a very difficult, painful and trying day.  I wasn’t sure that a yoga class was what I needed, but I decided to give it a try.  Within the first few minutes I could feel myself begin to connect to my breath, to my body, to my heart.  Slowly, almost without me realizing, I began to let go of what had happened that day and focus on the present moment.  I knew I had discovered something amazing!
  3. Why do I love to teach?  Teaching is magic… Whether I am teaching history and math to high school students or leading a yoga class, teaching is magic.  It is such a gift to be able to share something I love, to connect with and guide students on their own journey and to be part of a caring, like-minded community.
  4. My favourite pose  My favourite pose changes, but right now I have two.  The first is tadasana, mountain pose, because I feel rooted, balanced and powerful.  The second is bakasana, crow pose, because it encourages me to face my fear of falling and take flight.
  5. What can students expect to take away from your class?  A feeling of connection to themself as a physical and spiritual being, as well as a sense of community and JOY!
  6. How has yoga changed my life? Yoga has introduced me to an incredible community of like-minded individuals.  My continued study of yoga grounds, supports, challenges and inspires me to discover and live my authentic self.

Tessy's Classes

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