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  1. Why do you love yoga? I love Yoga because it connects me to something bigger than myself. When I’m practicing Yoga I feel as though I’m connected to the universe, like the energy of the universe is flowing through me. Yoga challenges me in different ways all the time and has helped me become a more compassionate, forgiving and loving person.
  1. What was your “Breakthrough” or “Aha!” moment? My ‘Aha’ moment came when I had a serious wrist injury and I couldn’t put any weight on my hands for about 8 months. During this time I had to go beyond the asanas to stay connected to my practice. This was when I began to understand how to take Yoga off the mat. I love Yoga asanas they are an amazing tool, but they are only a tool.
  1. Why do you love to teach? I love to teach Yoga because Yoga changed my life in such a profound way and getting to share the gifts of Yoga with others is a blessing. Being part of a mindful and intentional community that comes together to share Yoga practice is a beautiful thing and I feel so fortunate to be a part of that.

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