Shireen Mirshak Yogi / General Manager

About Shireen

I found Ahimsa back in 2011 when my doctor “prescribed” yoga for my anxiety, and I never left. Shortly after realizing the immense power and healing yoga was having on me I joined the Energy Exchange team and later went on to graduate from the Ahimsa Yogayama Teacher Training program. I was honoured to then be asked to take over the General Manger position in Toronto where I now get the opportunity to assist our amazing community from a different angle.

With a background in Women’s Reproductive Health, Holistic Nutrition, and Yoga, I am passionate about supporting others in finding balance and re-connecting with themselves on and off the mat.
The mind and body work together in a beautiful, lyrical dance, and if we can learn to LISTEN to what it has to say I believe we will all be that much closer to finding what it is we are truly looking for, no matter what that may be.

Shireen's Classes

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