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Sandra Smith Yogi

About Sandra

  1. Why do you love yoga?Yoga is my love, my life, my passion and my world of self discovery and discovery of all beings. I love yoga for it invites me to discover my true soul by lifting delicate layers one beautiful breath at a time. A true gift of the heart.
  2. What was your breakthrough moment? I have had so many Aha moments with Yoga but one in particular stands out, my SUPER amazing teacher JP lead a class focused on Drishti. I was moving in complete harmony with breath, body, heart and soul and experienced true pure bliss. The thought of that experience still takes my breath away and makes my heart feel full of love.
  3. What is your favourite pose and why? So many amazing poses but my favourite is butterfly! In the shape of a butterfly, I feel that I am welcomed into a place of stillness that gives me space to explore who I am the present moment of now in my inner world.

Sandra's Classes

Thursday, 2 April
   7:30 pm - 8:30pm VIRTUAL - Yin Yoga
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