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  1. Why do I love yoga? I love that it makes me breathe deeper, move (and live!) more mindfully, and that it has introduced me to some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. I love that it can be creative, thoughtful, and expressive; and I love that my practice evolves as I do.
  2. My breakthrough moment Before I became a yoga instructor, I was a professional dancer. I had been practicing yoga almost daily for a couple years, when I decided I thought I’d like to start teaching. I had a pretty strong idea of the path I thought I was going to follow, and then I met Frey Faust and began studying Axis Syllabus. Everything I had thought to be true (as a dancer and yogi) up until that point, was challenged and I felt totally conflicted. That time sent me into a bit of tail spin, but it ultimately lead me to where I am today. It taught me that nothing is unquestionably true and thanks to that, I’ll always be a student first.
  3. Why do I love to teach? So many reasons, but most of all I love the synergy that comes from it. The interaction of all the bodies breathing and moving together creates this beautiful and magical experience, and that produces a combined effect greater than the sum of each individual’s separate effects. I love being a part of that. A long and sweet Savasana after a strong and sweaty practice. Is that not everyone’s favourite?!!
  4. What can students expect to take away from your class? Students can expect a challenging and thoughtful flow set to music, that will foster a deep connection to the breath.
  5. How has yoga changed my life? Seven years ago I had never set foot in a yoga class, and now yoga is my life. So basically, it has changed nearly everything. It introduced me to my partner, it changed my career path, and it continues to inspire a more mindful approach to day to day life.

When not practicing or teaching yoga, Jaimée loves to travel, cook, garden, read, sing, dance and ride her bike. She leads a challenging and fluid Vinyasa style class, defined by thoughtful sequences that consider both the physical and energetic properties of the practice. Renowned for her artful hands on adjustments and carefully curated playlists, her desire is to help people connect to their body, expand their consciousness, and hold space for them to listen. She credits her teachers for her love of the practice, and is grateful to Lululemon for all their support as an ambassador at the Toronto Eaton Centre location. Find her on Instagram as jaimeedhorn, or for more information at:

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