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Dianne Harris Yogi

About Dianne

  1. What was your breakthrough moment? That yoga is more than exercise.. it’s for the body, the heart, and the mind… and from there the exploring, the journey, the growing has never stopped.
  2. What is your favourite pose and why? Currently – Utkatasana, Chair Pose, because it takes strength and focus. While working physically, there is a lot to think about so it is mentally engaging. mostly, I love to work towards maintaining a playful friendly approach despite being in a challenging shape. this is not a pose you can “check-out” in. This is a pose where you can investigate and discover things about yourself.
  3. How has yoga changed your life? It brings me happiness, I feel healthier and I am more connected to who I am. It makes me better able to move through life at ease and with grace.

Dianne's Classes

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Dianne's Upcoming Workshops

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Dianne Harris
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