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Angela Greco Yogi

About Angela

  1. Why do I love yoga? yoga is an adjunct to spiritual growth and a wholistic practice
  2. Why do I love to teach? Teaching is a way to give back possibilities for participants to experience various levels of awareness, consciousness in each moment, open to new possibilities, align with their source and true nature and ultimately be authentic; teaching is an opportunity to share knowledge, universal truths, merge ancient philosophy with modern life in experiential practice; teaching yoga offers an experience to enrich personal and community growth within a methodology that can be shaped to suit the needs of the group that constantly is evolving
  3. What can students expect to take away from your class? Students can expect an invitation to return to their true nature, receive and rest in a safe place of neutral presence in order to foster their own experience of awareness and conscious growth

Angela's Classes

Tuesday, 23 October
   7:30 pm - 9:00pm Ahimsa Restorative
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