Ahimsa Hatha

Yoga class.
Ahimsa Hatha – is an active practice that incorporates all the same alignment, mindfulness and philosophy as the more active Ahimsa Yoga classes that Ahimsa Yogis are already familiar with, but with less emphasis on Vinyasa, or the flow between poses. Ahimsa Hatha practice will include the first Ahimsa sun salutation, Mitra Namaskar, to loosen up the body without putting strain or pressure on the wrists, shoulders or lower back, but will then focus more on getting deeper into standing and sitting poses with longer holds, to allow more emphasis on refinement, breath, and pure experience of each posture. The result is a practice that gives yogis an opportunity to explore postures at a depth & intensity that is suitable for their level of experience and individual needs for the moment at hand. Ahimsa Hatha is suitable for beginners looking to ease their way into practice slowly, experienced yogis looking to move deeper in their practice, and students who may be dealing with mild injuries, areas of restriction or specific challenges in their bodies.

When can I take this class?

The schedule is being updated. Please check times here.