Mindfulness in yin yoga 6x4

Mindfulness in Yin Yoga Intensive

with Elissa Ballard

Stillness, receptivity, and introspection characterize the experience that is created within a Yin Yoga practice; and such qualities are also essential to cultivate an open mind and heart. Drawing from foundational Buddhist teachings and methods, Elissa will lead an exploration into, and an experiential application of Mindfulness in Yin Yoga, for those aspiring to bring these deeper truths into their own teaching and practice life. As practitioners of Yoga, awakening to deeper dimensions of wisdom and compassion within ourselves, and then sharing authentically with others, is the fruition of Mindfulness.

This intensive is for committed students and Yoga teachers with a sincere interest in mind-heart training. Familiarity and experience with Yin Yoga is strongly recommended.

A training resource will be provided.

Please bring a journal and pen for contemplation.

Elissa’s Bio

As an inaugural student of the Insight Yoga Institute in 2010, studying with world-renowned teachers of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Psychology; I speak from a place of personal depth and practice. My deepest aspiration as a seeker and teacher is to learn and share how to simultaneously touch life fully and let go gracefully. I am a long-time school teacher currently living in the Middle East with my husband and daughter, teaching grade 5 and leading workshops for teachers and schools looking to integrate Mindfulness. My heartfelt gratitude to my principle teachers and mentors, Sarah and Ty Powers, for their unwavering support and guidance throughout the years. To them, I owe my ever-deepening capacity to stay curious, and courageous, with a lighter heart in life.