Whitby FAQs

We have some changes to things at Ahimsa Yoga Whitby. We have compiled a list of common questions below but please reach out to or 416.922.YOGA (9642) if you have any concerns.


  • Where can I find the Pre-Registerd Class Schedule?

    • You can find the pre-registered class schedule and full class descriptions HERE.
  • How do I sign up for my pre-registered session?

    • You can sign up for your session in 2 ways: 1) in the studio, or 2) online

      1) In studio: Just drop by the studio and let us know which class you’d like to join. The staff onsite can take your payment, sign you up for the class, and have an e-amil receipt sent to you.

      2) Online: A fairly straighforward 2-step process…

      • Step 1: Visit the Ahimsa MindBody site HERE and purchase either “ONE pre-registered 12-week session” or “TWO pre-registered 12-week session”. Remember, purchasing 2 sessions will also give you unlimited drop-in classes!
      • Step 2: Send an e-mail to Sara at and she will enter your name into the class. (This is the only way we will know WHICH session you have registered for!) Then you are all set and ready to go!
  • What happens if I already have a membership / leftover passes?

    • Auto-renewing Monthly Memberships will not be renewed into 2019. Any memberships renewing within the first half of December 2018 will only be charged half price (2 weeks), and any memberships scheduled to renew on December 15th or later will be renewed to finish out the 2018 year at no charge.
    • Students who have annual memberships will have the balance of their outstanding membership credited to their account which they can then use to register for preregistered sessions, or to drop-in classes, as they choose.
    • Students with remaining passes on a 5 or 10-class pass will have the option to either a) apply the balance of their remaining classes towards 2019 pre-registered sessions or b) continue to use their remaining passes to drop-in to classes that have open spaces. Please let us know which option you have chosen.
  • What if I want to sign up part way through a session?

    • As long as there is space available, most classes will be able to take students in part way into the session.
    • For students joining a series already in progress, pro-rated pricing will be given, based on the number of classes remaining.
    • Fee free to send us an email at if you have any specific questions about joining one of our existing programs mid-stream.
  • Why are classes only pre-registered?

    • There are many specific benefits to a yogi’s practice that come with the pre-registered model.In a pre-registered 12-week session (4 weeks for the Yoga 101 sessions) the teacher has a period of time in which they know they will be working with the same students from week to week, allowing the teacher to both get to know the students – their needs, goals, individuality – better, and also build a progressive experience in the class over that period of time.  Both of these factors can contribute significantly to the enjoyment, growth and satisfaction of the students in those classes.  Students have an improved opportunity to deepen their practice and build relationships with the teacher and other students when sharing this journey with consistent cast of fellow yogis.  
  • I prefer to do drop in classes. Is that still an option?

    • Yes, you can still do drop in classes.  HOWEVER, pre-registered classes have a limited number of students, and those students have first priority for class spaces.  Also, if a class offered does not have enough registered students, it will not run for the session and therefore not be an option to drop in to!
    • Drop-in class registration becomes available online 3 days before the class date. 
    • While we completely understand that this may be less-than-convenient for some of our students, it has become a necessity for the studio to ensure that classes have enough participants to cover their operating costs – an issue which has become increasingly problematic over the past year.
    • To encourage consistency in ones yoga practice, and to contribute to the stability and viability of the studio, we strongly encourage students at the studio to find at least one class time per week to which they feel they are able to commit.
  • How much does a pre-registered session cost?

    • Please take a look at our Ahimsa Whitby Pricing page HERE for details.
  • Do you offer discounts for seniors / students?

    • Absolutely. Seniors (65+) or students (enrolled FULL-TIME in a government-recognized secondary or post-secondary institution) are eligible for a 10% discount on sessions or dro-in passes.
    • Student / Senior discounts can only be applied to purchases made in-studio, and are not available for online purchases.
  • Can I make up classes that I miss in my pre-registered series?

    • Of course! You can do up to 3 “make-ups” per series. Just let us know which class you are going to miss BEFORE it happens, and we will sign you out of that class, which will add a “drop-in class” to your account that you can use for any other class on the schedule that has space within that same 12-week season.
    • Student / Senior discounts can only be applied to purchases made in-studio, and are not available for online purchases.
      (Online registration for drop-ins opens 3 days before the class, but if you know what class you’d like to attend before that, just let us know and we will sign you in right away, space permitting).
    • If you are NOT able to make up a class within the same 12-week season, let us know and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.