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Teacher Training

The Ahimsa Yogayama program is not just a teacher training. It is a journey of transformation. It is exercise in self-discovery. It is an exploration into what makes yoga work. (And sometimes, why yoga doesn’t always work!) The potential for personal evolution that yoga offers is truly incredible, but to fully access its potential, we need to refine our understanding of it and how each of us may best use it to guide us forward on our own individual path.

Yogayama is a training program for individuals seeking a greater experience of health, happiness, and wholeness. It is a program for those interested in how Yoga can help them find their truest path, their highest expression of Self, the realization of their full potential. And it is a training to learn how to help others take a few steps in that direction as well.

Ahimsa’s teacher training and teacher development contains two separate programs:

The Yogayama Program – Ahimsa’s core 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development Program.

Ahimsa Internship – Ahimsa’s Continuing Education and Teacher Development Program.

Live your Dharma, Love your Life!

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Ahimsa Active

Consists of an innovative arrangement of postures that are physically and energetically balanced...

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Ahimsa Restorative

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Ahimsa Philosophy

Rooted in the timeless wisdom of the ancient yoga tradition. Realize your highest expression of self...

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