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At Ahimsa, our Yogayama program is designed to help serious, passionate yogis develop an expanding love and appreciation for the many facets of yoga practice.  We are so committed to the success of our teacher trainees that we offer the second stage of our teacher training journey – the Ahimsa Internship Program – to our graduates free of charge.

We believe that the path of serving others as a yoga teacher should be open to all with the necessary drive, commitment and love of the practice. It is Ahimsa’s commitment to train the best teachers possible, in the most comprehensive way possible, for the lowest cost possible.

The Ahimsa Internship Program is an opportunity for committed students and teachers to continue to integrate and build on the areas of study introduced in the Yogayama program. The refinement of teaching skills, expansion of anatomical understanding, deepening of the exploration into the philosophical aspects of yoga, and ongoing nourishment of the relationship to one’s self and community in the context of yoga teaching and practice are the objectives of this program of continuing education.

Program details

Ahimsa Interns’ Opportunities
  • paid teaching opportunities in an Ahimsa studio
  • supervised assisting of led classes
  • a comprehensive study program (including reading, writing, and research assignments) building on areas of study introduced in the Yogayama program
  • “Sangha Sundays” – monthly meetings and/or 3-hour continuing education workshops to address the needs of new teachers and their students
  • assisting / auditing portions of the next Yogayama program
  • ongoing connection to a support network of teachers and peers
Participants’ required commitments & prerequisites
  • satisfactory completion of the Ahimsa Yogayama or Ahimsa Advanced YTT program
  • satisfactory results on an Internship entrance exam (or Yogayama Final Exam)
  • maintaining regular practice at an Ahimsa studio
  • maintaining a monthly pass at Ahimsa (reduced rate for assistants)
  • shared teaching of Karma classes (by-donation classes for charity)
  • maintaining a regular teaching practice outside of the Ahimsa studio
Program Duration - ongoing
Program Cost - free
Ahimsa Internship is available exclusively to graduates of the Ahimsa Yogayama and/or Advanced Teacher Training programs

To inquire about applying to the Intership program, please contact us at

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