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Ahimsa DVD

Ahimsa Yoga: The Practice of Empowerment

Ahimsa Yoga is a method for creating greater health, happiness, and wholeness that welcomes and safely engages all students.

The Ahimsa active practice consists of an innovative arrangement of postures that are physically and energetically balanced, and that engage the body in the way that it is designed to work. The Ahimsa active practice includes milder variations for students requiring a gentler approach and offers increasingly challenging options for students as their experiences and comfort levels grow. This method empowers you to use the appropriate degree of ease or intensity that will best serve your unique process of personal evolution.

This DVD has been specifically designed to serve yoga practitioners of all levels – from first-time students to seasoned yogis and all those in between. You may follow any one of the three yogis demonstrating the poses for mild, intermediate or advanced options, and select one of three unique audio tracks to guide your practice: 1) The Fundamentals of Alignment, 2) Breath & Movement of Energy, and 3) Introspective & Meditative Flow. It’s like having three DVDs in one! The result is a sophisticated practice video that is accessible to beginners, engaging for the experienced, and a challenge for those who want to push the envelope. The Ahimsa Yoga DVD supports and evolves with the growth and deepening of your practice over time.

Price: $27+tax

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