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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

We are very excited to announce Ahimsa Yoga’s Advanced Teacher Training summer programs!  


WEEK 1 JUNE 9-16, 2017

WEEK 2 AUG 4-11, 2017

In order to be the best yoga teachers we can be, we need to continually upgrade our skills, knowledge and perspectives as teachers. But also, we need to be in our own best state as individuals in order to deliver the quality of energy and attention we want to give our students.

The ongoing journey to becoming the best yoga teacher you can be requires forward movement on four fronts:

  1. deepening your expertise in yoga and its practices
  2. continually upgrading your skills in the art of teaching and effective communication 
  3. becoming more aligned with your personal Dharma and your clearest, most authentic expression of self
  4. consistently, deliberately and actively renewing and re-igniting your own personal passion for yoga (and life in general!)

Ahimsa Yoga’s Advanced Teacher Training Intensives have been designed to support you on your path to greater fulfillment in each of these four endeavours. 

For this reason Ahimsa’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a yoga training. Its intensive retreat format has been designed to not only upgrade your skills as a yoga teacher, but also provide space and time to unplug from your daily routine and plug back into nature, your creativity, inspiration, and your own dharma.

Our intensives will be held at the Lotus Heart Retreat Centre where we will be nourished with three delicious vegetarian meals per day, and enjoy the beautiful natural setting of Brighton, Ontario. (And our own swimming pool! ) All meals and accommodations are included in your tuition fees.

Spring Intensive:  “Mastery in Practice” June 9-16, 2017   (8 days / 7 nights)  (100hrs Advanced YTT)

Through the study of asana, philosophy and anatomy, and deeply engaging in the practices of yoga, you will harness more of yoga’s potential to move the individual forward on the path of refinement, fulfillment and personal evolution.

While this program has been designed with teachers in mind, it is also appropriate for experienced practitioners interested in their own growth and refinement in their practice.

Summer Intensive:  “The Art of Teaching” August 4 – 11th, 2017   (8 days / 7 nights)  (100hrs Advanced YTT)

Through refinement of teaching technique, hands-on adjustments, communication skills, and exploring asana intention and architecture, we will build your clarity and confidence as a teacher, and expand your skill-set for sharing yoga in a masterful and inspired way.  This intensive is open to active teachers only.


This 200-hr intensive training led by J-P Tamblyn-Sabo is specifically geared towards helping individual teachers find their own unique voice, develop and refine their own personal teaching style and become a clearer, more focused and powerful leader within their communities. We will also have the opportuntiy for continued refinement in understanding how human bodies work, and how we can use yoga to better serve the students in front of us.

The program also offers invaluable material for the new or experienced yoga teacher in areas such as:

  • The Art of Skillful Adjustments
  • Dealing with Injuries in Yoga
  • Practical Anatomy
  • Practical Philosophy
  • Mindful and Purposeful Sequencing
  • Refining and Expanding Instruction Vocabulary
  • The Business of Yoga

Additional Guest Faculty:

  • Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo
  • Danielle March

Upon completion of this program, participants can expect to have:

  • a clearer sense of who they are and their purpose as individuals and teachers
  • an effective and actionable plan to market themselves and stand out in an authentic way in a heavily saturated teaching market
  • an upgraded teaching skill-set to draw from in their classes
  • a renewed passion and love for teaching yoga in a way that inspires both them and their students

Program space is limited to 20 participants.

Tuition price- $3600+hst (2 weeks meals and accommodation in a triple room)
Early bird price – $3300+hst (paid in full by May 1st)

Single Week Intensive – $1950+hst (for either June OR August Intensive)

Additional accommodation options (subject to availability)

  • for a private room > add $150 (per week)
  • for a double room > add $75 (per week)

For more information, contact Janick, our teacher training co-ordinator, at

The first week-long intensive of this program is suitable both for teachers looking to deepen their study and/or experienced students looking to deepen their personal practice.

The second week-long intensive has been specifically designed for yoga teachers exclusively and is only suitable to those currently teaching yoga on a regular basis or those who have recently completed a teacher training program of a minimum of 200 hours.

Grow. Connect. Work hard. Inspire. Learn. Nourish & be nourished. Have fun. And always move forwards.

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